I’m sorry I’m such a shitty person.

I’ll just go away now.


I don’t know what to say,

I’ve said that over and over again in my head today,

I want to describe what it is I feel for you,

But when I think of you my heart ceases to be on this plane of existence,

I saw you for the first time and knew you were the one I wanted,

My mind was blown that very moment, and I never recovered,

My life as I knew it was over,

The drugs didn’t work quite right without you,

I had anything to draw, for nothing could match you,

And nothing I said in my head seemed quite good enough for you,

And now it’s time that I admit that I can’t have you,

I never could, because he has you,

And who am I to say that you’re not happier with him,

Who am I to say anything to you?

I changed everything for you,

Who the fuck am I?

all i wanted was you… but i just cant

I’m going to piss on wasted dreams, 

flirt with the endless seams,

and burn out early, for you aren’t with me,

this is life, this is… non existent.

I’m gonna kick you in the foot.

ive been given more love from strangers than i have my own friends…

somethings wrong with that.\

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Sorry I’m such a bitch.


Dark Figure Of The Night


Dark Figure Of The Night